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It’s time to be agile

The ability to spot opportunity in any situation requires flexibility and a comprehension of what remains in your control even in uncertain times. What the Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with is a chance at redefining. It is clear now that we can never go back to who we were, so, while cooped up in our houses, away from the daily noise and dist...
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Cybercrime set to become the biggest risk to corporate stability

 The most common theft in the 21st century is no longer cash in transit, diamonds, rhino horn or luxury vehicles. It's data. Corporate data containing vital strategy plans and business secrets; personal data that lets hackers access your bank accounts; information tracking your movements; or data that hackers can encrypt and hold to ransom.Cyb...
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A qualification is crucial! Take that first step...

In days gone by it was easy for job seekers without any financial education to enter the insurance industry. The nature of the job would sift the passionate from the rest and the industry, through various tools and instruments, would groom those who remained to climb up its ranks and make a name for themselves.This was at a time when the local indu...
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Is technology taking away key experience in learning?

The new world order revolves around technology. We would be doing ourselves an injustice, as professionals, if we assumed we would be unaffected, we would also be doing an injustice to those who consume our services at whatever level.Learning, relearning and unlearning, therefore, like American futurist Alvin Toffler once said, is what will set us ...
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The Insurance Institute of South Africa now offers e-learning

 The local insurance space is saturated with professionals hungry to improve their knowledge and skills, yet they hardly ever find the time out of their busy schedules to physically attend workshops, says Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA) CEO, Thokozile Mahlangu."Our e-learning portal was a response to this need. We run numerous short...
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Insurance professionals in this decade must be digitally savvy

If, in this decade, we are going to truly see a vast shift in customer behaviour owing to the digital space, then as insurance practitioners, we should have already acquired the skills to handle this evolving consumer.A technologically savvy customer needs a technologically savvy practitioner on the other end of their device. In fact, as an industr...
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