Strategic Focus



To elevate and transform the insurance profession by continuously delivering quality programmes that contribute to skills development in the industry


To be the leading professional body in insurance bringing prestige to the profession


To elevate the credibility of the insurance profession

Strategic Focus and Objectives

The primary purpose of the Insurance Institute of South Africa is to build capacity within the insurance industry through skills development and greater levels of exposure into the insurance profession. To achieve this, the following strategic pillars have been identified as fundamental in attaining the organisation's strategic intent.

Intelligent education
Strategic Objectives
  • Become a central organization for insurance skills development
  • Develop innovative means of delivering insurance education & development of insurance skills
  • Create tangible impact and transformation for the industry and our country
Influential reputation
Strategic Objectives
  • Embed a strategic stakeholder management framework: To improve our current strategic partnerships and establish new ones
  • Establish a knowledgebase for the industry for market intelligence
Sustainable membership
Strategic Objectives
  • Increase institute's gross revenue
  • Invest in the human resource/capital
  • Ensure good corporate governance
  • Elevate the awareness of the insurance profession
Active networking
Strategic Objectives
  • To create a trusted brand amongst all our stakeholders
  • To create effective corporate communications management

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