The ROI of Trust – 60 min online Webinar


Date:Thursday 21 February 2024
Time: 10h00 - 11h00
Webinar: Zoom

What's the value you or your organisation currently places on Trust? Deloitte Research tells us that "trusted companies outperform their peers by up to 400%", which directly correlates with the bottom-line. So what might it be costing you, your team or your organisation when Trust is low or missing? Together with Leadership and Executive Coach, Vivien Hunt, we will explore the connection between Trust and performance and the financial impact of Trust on engagement, innovation and wellbeing.

The purpose of this webinar is to:
  • Understand how Trust impacts the bottom-line
  • Know what to measure
  • Learn what investing in Trust looks like
  • Take-away 2 actions to cultivate more Trust right now