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For bookings, you can contact:Farzanah Caster on Telephone 011 341 9480 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introductory/Technical Workshops

  • IISA Fellow/Associate/Licentiate/General R373.91 (Ex Vat) | R430.00 (Incl Vat)
  • Corporate Member R373.91 (Ex Vat) | R430.00 (Incl Vat)
  • Non Member R530.43 (Ex Vat) | R610.00 (Incl Vat)

Qualification Support Workshops

  • IISA Fellow/Associate/Licentiate/General R1539.13 (Ex Vat) | R1770.00 (Incl Vat)
  • Corporate Member R1539.13 (Ex Vat) | R1770.00 (Incl Vat)
  • Non Member R1843.48(Ex Vat) | R2120.00 (Incl Vat)
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I understand that submitting this form constitutes a registration for the above event. I acknowledge that the Insurance Institute of South Africa does not refund or substitute any fees paid for events and that I will remain liable for payment if I do not cancel the registration in writing 7 days prior to the event.