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The IISA is a registered non-profit organisation established in 1966 by the industry to advance the insurance sector in South Africa and beyond. The primary responsibility of the institute to its members and the industry in general, is to promote the advancement of knowledge and skills, the maintenance of the highest level of standards and ethics as well as the professional development within the insurance industry.

As the premier knowledge and standards hub for insurance industry professionals in South Africa, IISA maintains close links with local and international organisations with a similar mandate to ensure that the membership and other affiliates keep abreast of the latest developments in the sector from around the world.


To champion inclusive professional development and education standards for the insurance industry


  • Facilitate platforms to minimize the shortage of skills within the insurance industry
  • Creating tangible impact and transformation for the industry and our country
  • Elevate insurance as a career
  • Establish strategic partnerships and collaboration with relevant stakeholders in order to ensure improved insurance skills development in Africa

Strategy Pillars

  • Intelligent Education
  • Influential reputation
  • Sustainable membership
  • Active networking

Core Values

  • Professionalism: we will treat our stakeholders with respect and dedication, we will strive to deliver right, first time, every time on time while remaining accountable to them
  • Integrity: we will relate with others in a manner that is trustworthy, fair, transparent and ethical
  • Teamwork: we will create a culture of inclusivity and mutual trust and having fun in our day to day operations
  • Innovation: we will create opportunities for creative thinking in order to add value to our stakeholders

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The Insurance Institute of South Africa

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